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  1. DarthCain

    53' Great Dane Dry Van

    DarthCain submitted a new resource: 53' Great Dane Dry Van - A simple 53' Dryvan Trailer Read more about this resource...
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    53' Great Dane Dry Van 2021-12-10

    Here is a 2003 53 foot Great Dane dryvan that Jerald9000 made with Crazyjoe it has opening doors and a contactable inside so you can load crates cars or whatever you please into it. The trailer is skinable using the attached PDNS. Trailer body is fully meshed and has moving mudflaps too. DO NOT...
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    53" Wabash Duraplate 1.0

    Credits- Base NB - Jerald9000 Fixes - 09Challenger Mesh & Textures - Nadeox1 Wheels - Hemiboy -Commands (CTRL+)- F1-F2 - Legs F3-F4 - Doors -INGAME PICS- ---Note - Don't Load it with Heavy Stuff or Something may just break--- -WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN SKIN?- A PSD File is also attached...
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    Multi-Box Trailer 1.15

    Dry box trailer with good detail modeling and texturing, able to tow one trailer or two trailers according to your preference. ideal for easy reskin. Can cause errors with the brakes, the second trailer, for example be anchored or lack of brakes (this is most common). "L" first trailer "O"...
  5. Charger

    Dura-Built 176 Series 4/5/2019

    One of my last releases on the old forum, the newest 53ft semi trailer available in RoR. Credits: @Charger (me) - Everything pertaining to the trailer Skype (now Discord) group - Motivation and support Features: Dryvan and Reefer version Accurate and detailed model Flexbody suspension...
  6. DarthCain

    Dura-Built 96T Semi Trailer 1.1.0

    Small 28' trailer Features a Roll up rear door and a hitch on the back for hooking up several. Please do not distribute any mods of this without my permission Skinzips are ok, but other modifications are not. This includes Trading your mods or other ways of "Privately" Releasing them, If I...