equipment trailer

  1. Guppey-NL

    Looking for trailer

    I am looking for the TN L2 trailer, as shown in this pic (by Fili86RaceFace). Anyone knows where I can find it and (even better!) where I can download it? Thanks!
  2. ighor001

    is there a double tank trailer?

    a while ago I remember seeing something like that a double blue tank
  3. DarthCain

    Interstate 40DLA 1/23/2018

    Features: 19' Deck, with 5' Dovetail Rated at 40,000 Pound Carrying Capacity Ramps that fold on to the deck Slightly Adjustable width ramps for narrower loads Has multiple colors, and two sets of wheels. Credits: Me. stealthsteam, jerald9000, milan42 And all the other people who helped over...
  4. DarthCain

    Interstate 8ST 1/23/2018

    14' Deck 8,000 Pound Carrying Capacity Adjustable ramps for loading narrow loads. Commands: F1-F2 Jack F11-F12 Ramp width Ctrl+F1-Ctrl+F2 Left ramp Ctrl+F3-Ctrl+F4 Right ramp
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Triaxle 25 ton trailer 2/1/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  6. N

    Rogers 25 Ton & 21 Ton trailers 2021-04-24

    Commands 25 ton CTRL-F1-F2: Legs CTRL-F3-F4: Ramps 21 ton CTRL-F1-F2: Legs CTRL-F3-F4: Ramps slide CTRL-F5-F6: Ramps up/down CTRL-F7-F8: Hook height (one press) 25 ton only It has poli system so compatible skids/loads auto lock on. PROPERTY OF ROR