1. Mark

    I'm making a custom GUI HUD and I want it to light up when I turn the lights on.

    So, this was something I wanted to do, and a genuine problem and I was going to post the topic, but I figured out a janky solution and here it is for future reference: Have square on top of tacho. Have a rectangle with two needles in that square. Translate it left/right when the lights are...
  2. B

    Races, and headlights not working.

    I have a couple small issues with rigs of rods: one, headlights don't seem to work; they light up certain objects, but not the ground and everything else. I've tried all manner of tweaking with the graphics settings to see if anything would make them work correctly, but nothing seems to work...
  3. Miggy

    Lights not hitting the terrain.

    I don't know if someone already posted this but a lot of maps have this thing where the light only hits the roads and objects but not the terrain itself. Here are the examples if you're not familiar but I think you should be already: Brutal Valley FPS, the problem does the same to some...