1. ighor001

    vehicles weak low power

    how can i increase the power of a vehicle? the paths are very weak, little weight, they don't pick up speed
  2. TankurfaceJr

    Help? Advice? Maybe?

    Soo... yeah, uh, hey guys, I'm TankurfaceJr, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with modding. I want to create mods from the ground up, not convert it. I'm new to the whole modding thing, but I am hell-bent and determined to learn. So I was planning on making a some dirt-track race cars...
  3. Mech Pospolity

    where to put file?

    where i can but where to put file?
  4. mcbarge

    How do I use an xbox one controller with linux?

    How do I connect a controller with linux? ( I can't find out how)
  5. Usernamepizza

    Nodes and beams question

    First off I'm new to RoR so this might be a noob question. I've been looking through the documentation on nodes and beams, and I don't really understand how I even create a node or beam in blender. Can someone help me out? Edit: I do know how to use blender pretty well, I just don't know how to...
  6. ighor001

    Solved help

    why is it white? bug ?
  7. ighor001

    Solved help

    how to enable rear view ? forgive my english
  8. S

    Unsolved Reverse.

    I am using 4.8 RC5. I Used 4.8 RC3 I use automatic to drive, my monster jam trucks. I use WASD w for foward A for left, S for reverse, and d for right. I DONT WANT to have to use 6 and 7 to shift to the gears. I WANT AUTOMATIC does anyone know the keyword for imput for reverse. i want it to go...
  9. DeTesla

    Solved I'm an old timer, and i've returned to good old RoR

    Hey I was heavy into this about 10-11 years ago, and its still as good as i can remember, now that the devs have moved on to BeamNG, Ive returned for one simple reason: I miss operationg heavy machinery, which i hope BeamNG team will eventually grant us in BeamNG. Now, as i remember it, to...