1. grahamjamesaddis

    Solved Blender 2.8 addon ror_import/ror_export

    Hello people, I've had a go at updating the following addon(s) to blender 2.8 and at first glance it seems to work. I had a look, but I couldn't find a github repository to set up a pull request for. Any pointers...
  2. Will

    Unsolved Mesh Import Error

    Hello, It's Will Just checking in to see if anyone could help me with this error. This happens when I import some mesh files, but sometimes it does not occur. Screenshot of the error. Thank you!
  3. U

    Blender N/B Import/Export Plugin 2023-01-03

    Guide: Features: Full vertex group support Automatic column alignment Sophisticated vertex position rounding Full preservation of the original truck file Automatic beam sorting based on the vertex groups All node, beam and cab...