issues with multiplayer server

  1. Playah

    Broken Multiplayer

    So I was just playing in multiplayer except I was the only one moving. There were people in the server but they moved like images, sometimes even making the vehicles stretched. Idk If its an internet issue or a multiplayer issue.
  2. Asphaltum

    NeoQueretaro server raid.

    There was a raid on the Official NeoQueretaro. Started as player (or bots) named "Dmint" and then the name changes after getting kicked eachtime. Ex: "(USSR)" Screenshots below.
  3. Jett G

    Multiplayer Server Issues

    I setup a multiplayer server and did everything properly in the .cfg files and Port Forwarded. I started it and for some reason it was on the server list even though I had it set to LAN. I don't want it on the server list whatsoever and it's also saying I don't have a password when I put the...