1. Fili86RaceFace

    Italian Skins for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    This skinpack is based on numerous reskins of the M/V Nordia Express ferry done by @Fili86RaceFace back in 2014. @Xploder98 and @Darthcain converted those to standalone skins, cleaned them up, and added mini pictures for each. The companies included are: Tirrenia Navigazione Grimaldi Lines...
  2. Cassius Clay

    Lancia Delta EVO II Giallo Ginestra skin 7/10/2020

    My first proper mod, replicating the Giallo Ginestra colour, which was offered in the 1992 Lancia Delta Evoluzione II. I hope you like the little details. Will be improved in the future. Here's the link to where you can download the full car...