1. CuriousMike

    Ogre Command Line Tools 1.11.6

    These are the Ogre command line tools built with Ogre version 1.11.6, the version used by the current stable release of RoR (2022.12). Packages are available for both Windows and Linux. Included tools: OgreXMLConverter: Converts meshes and skeleton files into .mesh.xml / .skeleton.xml. and...
  2. L

    Issue with Blender Import/Export Ogre Plugin?

    Hello! I have no idea which board to post this in so I'm putting it in the Off-Topic one so I don't submit it by accident into a place where I shouldn't. :') Anyway, I need help since I've been trying to get the Ogre Plugin for Blender but whenever I download the plugin, I only get the export...