1. CuriousMike

    F1 Test Track 0.83

    IMPORTANT: The zip file name changed, please delete your old one! The famous testing track every RoR player knows, now better than ever! Removed diffuse/emissive/ambient/specular lines from materials, textures are much brighter now Ground texture now matches the mesh Fixed races Scenery mesh...
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    Carver Rallycross 1.1

    This map has been out for a while on the forums and I thought I could put it on the repository so more people can enjoy it This is a pretty simple rallycross track with tight bends and short straights. The road is in tarmac. Credits: Fir-trees by masa- Birch trees by LJFHutch - BBQ, 2013
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Trackpack 1.1

    Includes: Bajacross Rallycross Rallycross Paved Streetcross