1. CuriousMike

    Mother of All Ramps 1.0

    This is a terrain featuring a 45 and 85 degree ramp: Also included is a scaled down version that can be spawned anywhere. It is a fixed in place object. Enter it through the vehicles menu, hold backspace and use WASD keys to move into position. You may have to press backspace once if it spawns...
  2. Charger

    General Purpose Utility Ramps 1.0

    Just some simple ramps I made in a few hours to load things into a truck bed. Features: Lifting function (Ctrl+F7/F8) High quality mesh Rusty and clean textured versions Realistic weight Credits: Charger (me) - Everything Venomox - inspiration NOTE: You cannot put the ramp directly...
  3. is_uncreative

    Little Lift V1 1

    A small but mighty little lift that is useful for loading. Concept, N/b, and meshes done by yours truly. Textures done by CuriousMike. (Thank you!) This is my first upload and I'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone in the Discord that donated their time, advice, and support.
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    Kicker Ramp V2

    A simple kicker ramp made by derbymutt. Includes heights of 1 meter, 1.7 meters, and 2 meters. Also includes 5 skins. Recommended to use these on multiplayer with collisions enabled.