1. flatsun

    Realistic engine sound tweak/fix for the E36 3 series BMW 1

    A very simple tweak to the E36's engine section in the soundscript to synchronize the pitch of the engine sound/note with it's correspondent RPM like in real life NOTE it's not 100% accurate to a real 3 series but very close, ALSO the rev limiter sound is dissabled since it's from a lower RPM...
  2. LeafeonGold

    Toyota 2JZ Sounds 11/08/2014

    This mod was originally released by me on the forums on November 8, 2014. Original Description: Aggressive 2JZ Sounds by RiXeN Beta tested by Marcus, thanks! BOV soundscript by K20 Optimized for the Gavril MV4 by Gabester, but can be used on just about anything with some modification. Video...