1. flatsun

    Realistic engine sound tweak/fix for the E36 3 series BMW 1

    A very simple tweak to the E36's engine section in the soundscript to synchronize the pitch of the engine sound/note with it's correspondent RPM like in real life NOTE it's not 100% accurate to a real 3 series but very close, ALSO the rev limiter sound is dissabled since it's from a lower RPM...
  2. M

    Solved Grayson's HDX makes other vehicles silent, and vise-versa?

    For whatever reason whenever I load Grayson's Thomas HDX and then load another vehicle (spefically ED's CEs) the new vehicle has no sound, and vise-versa. I've checked the soundscripts and truck files in both of the zips with no luck. I'm probably going to get a message saying that no one...