1. sievert

    Famous Rally Liveries for the DI Sportster 390C

    So I recently found that without the keyboard steering speed coupling, the DI Sportster suddenly became a really nice rally car to drive. That gave me an idea. The included liveries were nice and all, but I wanted a real-life livery on the car. So I got to work and came up with a couple of rally...
  2. CuriousMike

    1982 DI Sportster 390C 2/10/2019

    Derbymutt's DI Sportster, improved & re-uploaded with permission. Features: Fully deformable Realistic top speed RWD Many skins 4 versions Fully animated interior Pop-up headlights (F1/F2) Changes from the previous release: Fixed engine for Added @ShawnVallance's HotWheels...