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wheel loader

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    KAWASAKI 115ZV Wheel Loader 2022-01-04

    CTRL-T for commands PROPERTY OF ROR
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    KAWASAKI 115ZV Wheel Loader

    negativeice submitted a new resource: KAWASAKI 115ZV Wheel Loader - Large wheel loader Read more about this resource...
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    HYUNDAI HL940TM 2020-08-15

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) CTRL-T for command list Shift-F1-F2 : lock forks to skid Shift-F1-F2 : multipurpose bucket F5-F6 : jib boom extend and O to lock to a load PROPERTY OF ROR
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    LIEBHERR l556 WHEEL LOADER 2019-04-15

    SHIFT-F1-F2: Lock_forks_to_skid CTRL-1: Top_lights CTRL-T to see command list PROPERTY OF ROR