2022.12 Discussion thread

I have a challenge! On a full-width vehicle (not ATV, motorcycle, nor the like) in Trail Island, go south at spawn point then east up the rock, on which the vehicle is located on the map just below, then instead of going the seemingly more accessible path just west of the pink line
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, go east of it, and not just a bit east on the trail from a 'T' intersection climbing across the hill to another 'T', but keep going east to the ledge of the sea, just west of the lavender line (of the map). There's a section I can't imagine a full-width vehicle making it across, as seen in
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as it pushes the vehicle away and right after the trail angle go down toward the sea. The following, with the truck on the side,
View attachment 16775
is the best I've done.

I'm hoping other people try and let me know of their attempt/success. :)
hm... name a vehicle and ill make it happen