audi 80 truckfile not found error


formerly jooshbutmynameisjosh
Feb 24, 2024
when i try to spawn the audi 80 it gives me this error: Failed to load 'Audi80_16fwd.truck' (type: 'actor'), message, Truckfile not found

i an currently using void.gnu linux, and i tried updating cache

for some reason it works now, but in case someone figures it out let me know because it has done this twice now
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how is this possible i on purposely deleted the.truck file for 49 ford us army and the audi 1.6 fwd to test it. i could not find them in the spawn menu at all so is this weird.
I had the same problem on one of my test mods. Did you edit the truck file? Because if i remember correctly it was because i made a mistake (and clearly in a pretty critical part of the file).