Cannot Change control's like i could before


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Feb 15, 2021
To me the rigs of rods controls scheme is all backwards, than again it was around before the standard control scheme that we use today normally i would change it myself though the dedicated .exe the game came with that also edited graphic settings, but with the most recent update i downloaded today i cannot find that .exe in the games files nor in my documents where all the .cfg files are either and nor can i edit controls from the main menu in the settings tab for some reason either, please let me know how i can change to the more use WSAD format to this day and change mouse controls to be inverted but only on the left/right plane.


Mar 13, 2018
hello bghyt welcome to the forums it seems that your a long time player of rigs of rods so welcome back things have kinda changed around here for the better as youll see i'm sure yes the dedicated exe that came with the game and also edited graphic settings is no longer included for some raeson but there are other ways you can change the settings control scheme format keys layout keybinds basically you go to your documents and then the my games folder and in that directory you will find a config folder and you open that and in the config directory there is a input map file and you open that with a text editor like notepad and there you can edit all the keys rigs of rods uses there is a page on the wiki called controls and configuretion that has a list of all the keys so you dont have to guess which ones you can use or misspell a key and have it not work just make sure to not assign same key to multiple functions unless you use expl ctrl shift and alt variants of that kay and also make a backup of the input map before you make any changes oh and also inverting the mouse well i had a look at the docs and i cant see anything there about that i tried searching but nothing came up i also looked in the rorcfg file and found nothing there about inverting the mouse or the mouse at all but i did search google and found this thread maybe you could make a request for them to add this feature in a form of an issue on github tho theres no telling if it will be implemented any time soon or at all though i think it could be it doesnt sound that complicated but then you never know it may be a lot of work im not sure

To edit controls: Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\config\ - manually, in notepad.
List of keys you can use: make sure you don't have duplicates that will interfere with one another.
Inverting mouse on X/Y axis: not currently possible, you could make an issue on GitHub to request such feature.


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Mar 3, 2018
Mark's fantastic reply does leave one thing out that should be acknowledged: RoR's keyboard control scheme is about as optimized and laid out as best as it can be. In terms of how good it is for the longevity of your hardware, it isn't exactly great, as the arrow keys on a laptop or slim keyboard aren't designed to take quite the same sustained inputs as WASD keys often are. However, you'll grow accustomed to the controls, especially as you become familiar and use the more advanced features and key strokes, which in the default configuration, are arranged to be convenient and easy to remember.

For instance, all of your drivetrain controls are on the left side of the keyboard, in almost perfect vertical order, leaving your right hand able to focus on keeping control of the vehicle. This also comes in handy with the camera controls; because of the numpad controls for it, your right hand can rotate the camera without leaving the throttle controls, and your left hand can switch camera modes or change gears or the differential, something I use all the time if I encounter an obstacle. Remapping an equally efficient control scheme would be extremely difficult if not impossible. The current one enables you to have most or all of the possible controls and inputs a single reach of a finger away, without being awkward or cumbersome to get to.

It also seems to be the one you can most quickly and easily switch from controlling to typing in multiplayer.

Either way, you're free to change the controls to your heart's desire, and I understand why you want to do so, but at the same time, it could cause more issues than it fixes.

Input mapping tool can be found here