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Finally made something worth showing, it's a submeshed node and beam, no 3d model.

Texture also made by me, in Inkscape.

I know it's nothing amazing, but it's better than what I thought I could make


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I just got this in game, it's a node beam I made in Blender, and it's not that great, but I just wanted to show off what I have so far (it also collapses when it spawns, i need to add some beams so it can actually support itself).


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Models must be made by you. Not some paid model you found on the internet.

Models must be made by you. Not some paid model you found on the internet.

Hi,please explain it to me: when I buy models, I can handle them as I wish, and so I can put them in ror, or what is the problem?
Making skins and liveries for other vehicles is just so cool!
Cat and Doosan skin


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Uh Mark so I would like to say that, I'm asking for permission from you because I wan't to post a 'Cursed Version" of your Flat-Black analog gauge! I will not take any credit for the programing stuff that you did!
I will include all credits!
I've tested it in-game it works, So Mark are you okay with me posting this?
Here are some pics

I will edit things if you need me to!
I'm also doing this because it is my first mod. and might seem stupid.
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i got locked out of my discord account cause discord for some stupid reason has reason to believe i am under 13, and i cba to send them my drivers license photo lol. so here is the new camaro n/b which i started with just creating the unibody, then going to slowly add the panels.


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