WIP - Beta Released MONTRACON flatbed trailers and loads

Decided to release what I have done so far. Negativeice is updating his loads with this system so there will be a lot to play with.

Links in first post.
Re: euro flatbed trailers (MONTRACON) and loads

AMAZING loads & trailers! Thanks!
opening the zip I found different versions of the trailers and the generator, which is the difference between them

flat bed 2 axle !
flat bed 2 axle

flat bed 3 axle
flat bed 3 axle beta

gpower generator
gpower generator 2
gpower generator 3

steel beam load system

what system does it refer to?
those are betas stright from mywork folder
flat bed 2 axle ! is more developed and has beams tuned, you can delate flat bed 2 axle.
flat bed 3 axle beta has moved hookgroup to better stabilize palets that seat on top of outher pallets. Heven't decide wich one is better now has not realy time to test it.

gpower generators are diferent stage of developnemt 3 is one most developed you can delate others

Flatbed 2 axle and fly load

You doing it wrong you can delate gpower generator 3 too. L.O.L.

Steel beam load system refers to way loads are secured to trailer at some point all my pallet has been named like that.