WIP New n/b editor


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Mar 23, 2024
I made this thread because having a N/B editor is very important, but Nodesnap is full of bugs and was abandoned over 3 years ago. So, i decided to create a new one. The project will be created with Godot game engine to make sure it's easy to mantain. I'm sure this is possible and already started testing with some stuff like sub-viewports (multiple 3D views), split containers (Resizable GUI) and text file manipulation. I will start posting some screenshots shortly. Tell me about any ideas here.
UPDATE: First UI layout concept.

As you can see the layout will be kinda similar to Nodesnap's one.
I was stuck for some time trying to figure out how to use sub-viewports, but finally i found a demo on that. Now i need to implement it.
The orthogonal viewports are in.

If i click on a viewport the little Godot engine icon (placeholder for nodes) duplicates in a random position. Now i need to be able
place it where i click. Shouldn't be too hard.
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After a lot of very inefficient coding, i'm really close to that. I already have the coordinates, now i just need to place down those two lines of code to actually place nodes.