Picture of Your Ride V4.0

Once you have your own car, it completely changes your point of view on cars. Or at least for me it did ;)
So this is my first car, 1999 Mazda 626 GF, european model. Nothing amazing for most people, it is base model with 1.8L petrol engine ("only" 66 kW) and 5-speed manual. It is one of the cheapest mid-size sedans you can buy on czech market, because it is little underrated (and it is not Skoda:D). I bought it from second owner, first one was old man and he had it for 16 years, so it is in good shape and without any tuning (it still has old Blaupunkt radio and old czech number plates, which I like).
So 15 000 km together and still runs good. It has just everything you need for beginning.:)
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Haven't been on here in ages. DD is the kiaslow and everyone needs a truck so i have a pretty crap f150.
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Hey everyone, I'm new to this simulator and it's super addicting. I'm really sad to see how this game is under appreciated in the gaming world, but the one thing that makes this game superior from BeamNG is that this game is open sourced.

I'm a Linux (Kali, Fedora Security Lab, and Ubuntu mostly) user and I truly appreciate when an author of a code publishes anything under open source licenses. I am currently learning meshes so I can post my daily driver in this game. I drive a rare 2007 Jeep Commander Overland with a 5.7 Hemi. She's my baby. I would love to have her in the game


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In August I traded my '17 Fiat Abarth for a '18 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus V6 Blacktop edition.
Huge difference in the amount of car. :)

Heres the truck about a year or 2 back before wheels and more goodies


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Not exactly mine but I'm in it 60+ hours a week.


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The new, its a 1999 Tahoe, LT 4x4, 225k on it, needs some cosmetic work and a few minor repairs, but for what I paid for it I cannot complain.

Sorry for big picture but, this is my 1979 corvette. Only had her for about a month now and have huge plans for it. Sometime over the summer I will be building a 454 big block from a 1970 corvette and giving it a supercharger.
I already had to trade again. I had traded the challenger for a '17 mustang, but then the mustang started having steering lock issues and was going to cost $2,800 to fix.

I did an even trade for a 2007 Ford F-250 with a new engine.