Random ROR Videos

Wanted to post screenshots of this but then it wouldn't be moving so here is a video

A lot of fakey lights

Sorry for posting this so much, I spent like 2 days on this and I'm just really happy with the result
Just made some new V8 sounds, and I think they turned out good. They do need some minor adjustments like sounds not looping properly or the loop just sounding bad.
Some videos I recorded last year and just recently uploaded.

First one is of hotlapping DeGa Mountain Road in the electric Lotus 76/1. The second is of a few attempts at completing the Arizona off-road race with some city buses. Finally, the last video is of a "realistic" attempt at taking a trophy truck on North St. Helens' Rigbreaker, complete with a full sequence of loading and transporting the trophy truck from Coldwater to the starting line.