some skins for the Gavril G2

some skins for the Gavril G2 1.3

Well uh but there is a small other problem none of them work g2,g2s,g2r,g2x.
FIX FOUND CHECK BEFORE SUBMITTING SAME ERROR: Fix is easy If you have the "Gabester pack" installed none of the G2 skin's will work, In order to make them work - 1.Uninstall the Gabester pack. 2.Install every vehicle included in the pack seperetly by going to their own Repository site's. The guid is now added to G2S, G2X and G2R. If the skin's do not work for the G2 still fix for that can be found in this disscusion threa
You open the truck file of the desired mod and find if it has a guid line or not. In the base G2's case it uses this: guid f1952297-1ee8-464e-bf38-6ad4d29c9510
The other variants of the G2 have a separate GUID but the .skinzip simply never included the base G2 in that. You can change the guid to match any of the other G2's and it'll work fine.
This might help.
As of January 2023, this skin is not available for g2, g2r, g2s, and g2x. It seems that the GUID is different.

g2s guid 18550b59-5217-4cc8-a3a8-bcdb0b3faa01

g2r guid 096042b9-cfa6-4f09-b550-b239e61a11e3

g2 guid f1952297-1ee8-464e-bf38-6ad4d29c9510

g2x guid c256d712-10f0-472a-b1b0-0e62c7499cf6
Please tell me the GUID of this skin, G2, G2R, G2S, G2X.
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This skin works on G2X, but not on G2,G2R,G2S.
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This skin works on G2X, but not on G2,G2R,G2S.
Just tried the newest versions of the G2 and this skin pack using a fresh user folder, all work fine.
Make sure you've redownloaded both and you don't have any other modified versions of the cars, as they'll conflict.