Repository guidelines

In addition to our Terms and rules, all repository submissions must adhere to the policies laid out below.

You are responsible for ensuring that your repository submissions are not in violation of any of these policies.

Repository submissions

  1. The title, icon, or tag line must not be misleading and represent your submission accurately.
  2. The title, icon, or tag line must not include promotional language or language that is considered explicit.
  3. You may not charge a price or otherwise link elsewhere (i.e. PayPal) without explicitly stating it is for patronage only.
  4. Your submission may not exceed the 4 gigabyte limit.
  5. You must credit authors that have given explicit permission for use of any of their intellectual property.
  6. Your description must be thorough, appropriate, and easily understandable.
  7. You may not link to any Website that otherwise participates in fraudulent activies.