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    Are there any attenuators for Rigs of Rods?

    When an accident or road worker happens, you have a truck that has a shelter there behind so if any car or truck were driving on the truck, almost all power takes up as the protection takes up the power.
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    WIP - Beta Released Volvo FH4: 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 and Feldbinder Silo trailer

    Re: Volvo Fh4 500 4x2 and 6x2 tractor units and Feldbinder Silo trailer Very well done! I love Volvo.
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    Add so you can see how many hours you've played?

    Hi, Had been great if you could add so you can see how many hours you've played?
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    PC Build Thread

    My server computer. Pfsense CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 RAM: 8 GB ESXI01 CPU X2 Intel Xeon E5-2690V2 RAM: 256GB ESXI02 CPU X2 Intel Xeon E5-2680 RAM: 256GB FreeNAS CPU X2 Intel Xeon E5-2680 RAM 256GB HDD: 12 WD gold 6TB, 2 Samsung SM863 120GB, 2 Intel DC P3520 1.2TB, Network: Intel X540-T2 UPS...