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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Great work!
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    Multiplayer - is chat window no longer a movable window?

    Its going to change soon to on-screen floating text, no window
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    Unsolved Aspen Grove got glitched.

    try disable vegetation for a start
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    I want to move RoR to better rendering engine.

    OGRE 2x is what RoR needs and the port is planned (see racecraft gameplay for what OGRE 2x is capable)
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    running built from sources RoR on Linux

    yes zip_and_copy_resources is necessary
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    running built from sources RoR on Linux

    how did you compile? using conan/pmm or ror-depedencies? in the first case you need to run it from the bin folder also why not just use the precompiled linux zip? i compile and use RoR under Arch using ror-depedencies just fine
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    Solved File Wanted!!!

    google it its still there
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    Solved Crash when i spawn a plane (Linux Solus)

    rename your .rigsofrods dir (in your home) and run ror fresh how did you install ror? i have seen this error again when my bin/resourses were outdated iirc, so try downloading the zip from itch directly, extract, run ./RunRoR and check again
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC4

    @turbokitty Windows or Linux?
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    Havilland DHC-3 Otter

    tritonas00 submitted a new resource: Havilland DHC-3 Otter - Havilland DHC-3 Otter Read more about this resource...
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC3

    Select Caelum sky from Game settings/Graphics for now, until the issue is resolved
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC3

    This is getting better and better...
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC2

    move/rename your rigsofrods profile. Do a clean install, or just download the latest dev zip, extract and run ror .Then re add your packs and re try
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    Built from Source on Linux Yesterday

    caelum crashes without cg iirc RoR needs ogre compiled with cg
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    Built from Source on Linux Yesterday

    You need to compile ogre with cg Yes it works perfectly on Linux and also with the latest 1.12