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    Game doesn't start.

    13:52:15: Loading library .\RenderSystem_GL 13:52:15: Installing plugin: GL RenderSystem 13:52:15: OpenGL Rendering Subsystem created. Probably this causes the issue, can you post your plugins.cfg file? Should be in D:\Rigs of Rods\
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    2021.04 Discussion thread

    this should fix it
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    2021.04 Discussion thread

    is now fixed
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    Solved - Linux version not working

    Yep, its now build on ubuntu-18.04, thanks to fox. Enjoy
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    Solved - Linux version not working

    18.04 is too old and 2021.04 RoR is build on 20.04, so it will not run. I will ask fox if we can switch github actions back to ubuntu-18.04
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    RoR things...

    We fixed a lot of bugs and added some nice new features like flares over network, so not too early at all.
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    Linux Version outdated

    it will be available shortly
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    Cant exit the terrain edit mode

    Its a bug in 2021.02, its fixed in latest dev build
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Yes should work in 2021.02
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    I fixed that, so it will work in the next release
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    Unsolved ROR Not Booting on Chromebook Pixelbook Runnning Debian Container

    Have you tried the precompiled zip archive from itch?
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Great work!
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    Multiplayer - is chat window no longer a movable window?

    Its going to change soon to on-screen floating text, no window
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    Unsolved Aspen Grove got glitched.

    try disable vegetation for a start
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    I want to move RoR to better rendering engine.

    OGRE 2x is what RoR needs and the port is planned (see racecraft gameplay for what OGRE 2x is capable)