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1965 Austin Mini

1965 Austin Mini 1.5

Fixed missing textures in 2022.12
Moved fusedrag section to end of file, preventing a compatibility issue with future game versions
Hello all,

After a few months off and on, I've decided to begin releasing my work on the Austin Mini. The first model to be included is the base Mini 850, one of several models planned for release soon. This update includes:
  • Reduced and more accurate weight. The car's weight has been reduced from some ~3230kg to only ~730kg (around 22% of the original!)
  • Retuned engine and more accurate gear ratios. The Mini 850 now produces 34hp, 60Nm (45lb-ft) torque, and a top speed of 115km/h (71mph).
  • New submesh. This provides the Mini with better inter-vehicle collisions, especially with other Minis.
  • Flares (headlights, brake lights, blinkers)
  • Removed traction control (not quite sure why that was there to begin with to be honest 😂)
  • Open differential
  • Mini pictures. These were already included with the ZIP, but the picture was incorrectly named and thus not recognized by the game.
Hope you all enjoy!

Please note: The ZIP name has changed, please delete any previous versions!

- Xploder98
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Now you can rock British nationalism to your hearts content by default, but you still can use the green skin, if that's more your thing.
Right-hand-drive version is now included in the file.