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2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT

2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 10/26/2019

CuriousMike, Stoat Muldoon, AdolfoPineda, DarthCain, negativeice, James2406, Sean, Venomox, 4x4convoy, Lifter, Austin

I do not want to see any meshes from this ported into other games. This means you, Farming Simulator modders.

Use Notepad++ to edit the .truck file! It will not be formatted correctly in the default Windows Notepad. (Fixed as of Windows 10 version 1903)

PDN for skinning (forum thread)
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  1. 10/26/2019

    Lowered videocamera resolution (much better FPS) Removed "No Mirrors" version since mirrors can...

Latest reviews

Nice Truck!!!
Great truck. One of the best mods in the game. Good Deformability and excellent details. I'm surprised it didn't eat away all of my RAM with that level of detail.

Only issues are that it tends to pull to the left a little while driving, and the other thing is I was hoping for slightly better handling and acceleration, other than that, It's epic.
Seems to pull to the left while driving, but its a really a cool vehilce
This truck is AMAZING! thank you for creating it.
This is one of the best large-scale collaborations Rigs of Rods has ever witnessed, and the product of it stands up to it and fully represents the commitment and care given to it. Relatively decent on FPS, it is a beautiful example of the delicate balance between function, deformation, and performance.