1. steam tractor man

    92 lighting multiplayer ban?

    why is the ford 92 lighting truck banned on multiplayer? i know i got it from either forums or repo.
  2. Stubby_racer

    I'm looking for a transit van mod

    I am pondering weather there are any mods out there that are of an old ford transit van. Any suggestions?
  3. flip889

    Released Ford Taunus TC enhancements/update

    this is an update to the existing ford taunus tc on the repo this update adds a couple new things to the taunus working dashboard working lights additional cameras enjoy! -- link removed, please use the repository -- credits: DirtGamer301, masfilip, CuriousMike, me
  4. RevvyRoamer90

    The Fabulous Flying Forty-nine!

    I was using the Futurliner to haul the 1949 Ford Fordor around a full circuit of Small Island. I got to the hairpin curve next to that little village with the runway, and got stuck. In trying to maneuver past the curve, the Ford fell through the floor. After a few fruitless minutes of trying to...
  5. TankurfaceJr

    Car News

    HEADLINES (from MotorTrend) 1. I'm sure y'all have heard this already, but Dodge is rumored to remove the Charger and Challenger from their lineup by 2024. F's in the chat, boys. Read more here. 2. Ford's Bronco Raptor will NOT have a V8, rather the twin-turbo EcoBoost, because of "weight...
  6. Cassius Clay

    Released 1966 Ford Mustang MK1

    A project by @Carlos that was made about a year ago. Carlos gave me the ok to post his magnificient creation on the Repo, but I thought it was too good to post there so it's on the Forum. Just look at that slab of American engineering, isn't she pretty? This American beast has freedom...
  7. N

    2013 Ford F150 1

    My old f150 I did a very long time ago with the help of PRTaudiman and Stoat Deformable with detaching parts. credits prtaudiman: heavy tunning , sounds, support beta tester: support and testing Stoat Muldoon: support and assistance with detachable parts negativeice: everything else have fun...
  8. 4x4convoy

    ProtoFab RockSolid™ Front Bumpers for Stoat's 92 Fords 1.0

    These are 4 different front bumpers that were modeled after the ones that can be found on ProtoFab's website for Stoat's 92 fords from the F-Series Pack The bumpers are using a Warn XD9000i winch, an Astra Depot Hawse Fairlead, and some generic amazon shackles. All of which were modeled by...
  9. 4x4convoy

    Tube Doors for Stoat's F-Series Fords 1.0

    These tube doors will fit Stoat's 84, 87, & 92 fords from the F-Series Pack
  10. 4x4convoy

    Half Doors for Stoat's F-Series Fords 1.0

    These half doors will fit Stoat's 84, 87, & 92 fords from the F-Series Pack
  11. 4x4convoy

    BroncoAir™ Front Bumper for Stoat's 92 Fords 1.0

    This is a front bumper that was modeled after the one that can be found on BroncoAir's website for Stoat's 92 fords from the F-Series Pack
  12. 4x4convoy

    Billet grills for Stoat's 92 Fords 1.0

    These are Billet style grills for Stoat's 92 fords from the F-Series Pack There are 4 styles included: Black Black w/ Ford Emblem Chrome Chrome w/ Ford Emblem
  13. N

    Ford Cargo CF8000 2022-06-19

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) Thanks to Mike for doing the mini images and everyone else that helped. CTRL-T for command list The 6x6 dump and 8x8 are set to the rear wheels drive on spawn, you can enable AWD by CTRL-W, and just W will run you through the...
  14. PoLi

    Ford Mustang (1979-1982) 2020-07-29

    Restomod styled build of first Foxbody Ford Mustang (1979-1982) Feature crete 351 Windsor engine (526hp, 510Nm) aftermarket coilover suspension mod includes different spoilers and rims versions (in drop down menu) and number of skins to choose from. This mod is for R.O.R. use only. You not...
  15. PoLi

    Released Ford Mustang foxbody (1982)

    Working on this for a while amd is nearly done, im lacking of motivation.
  16. Charger

    Lone Ranger 2020 Monster Truck 2020-04-13

    DO NOT EDIT, REUPLOAD, OR REDISTRIBUTE ANY PART OF THIS TRUCK ON ANY SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION 1969 Ford F-100 monster truck, a true gentleman's truck. Credits: OG_N/B - Box5Diesel Body/Headers/RII light strips/Hat/Setup - Charger New Node/Beam & Cleaning up meshes - 4x4convoy...
  17. flip889

    Ford Taunus TC 10/7/2023

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  18. Uploaded from Archives

    '67 Bronco Crawler 4/13/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  19. Uploaded from Archives

    1992 Ford Wrecker & Ramp Truck 1.1

    Press CTRL+T to see a list of commands.
  20. Uploaded from Archives

    1949 Ford 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. The 1949 'Shoebox' Ford was the first all-new design to come out of Ford after the war, featuring a stylish aerodynamic body shape and sophisticated independent front suspension. Versions: Club Coupe Moonshine Special Fordor Indiana Jones US Army Tudor...