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No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?)

Thanks to Mike for doing the mini images and everyone else that helped.

CTRL-T for command list

The 6x6 dump and 8x8 are set to the rear wheels drive on spawn, you can enable AWD by CTRL-W, and just W will run you through the diff selections.

  • Ford CF8000 4X2 DUMP-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 4X2 DUMP-mini.png
    259.8 KB · Views: 858
  • Ford CF8000 4X2 FLATBED-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 4X2 FLATBED-mini.png
    198.8 KB · Views: 886
  • Ford CF8000 4X2 ROLLBACK-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 4X2 ROLLBACK-mini.png
    254.9 KB · Views: 801
  • Ford CF8000 4X2 SEMI-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 4X2 SEMI-mini.png
    234.6 KB · Views: 776
  • Ford CF8000 4X2 STAKE SIDE-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 4X2 STAKE SIDE-mini.png
    287.8 KB · Views: 791
  • Ford CF8000 6x4 Hooklift-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 6x4 Hooklift-mini.png
    234.5 KB · Views: 711
  • Ford CF8000 6x4 SEMI HIAB-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 6x4 SEMI HIAB-mini.png
    254.2 KB · Views: 722
  • Ford CF8000 6x4 SEMI-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 6x4 SEMI-mini.png
    222.6 KB · Views: 778
  • Ford CF8000 6x6 DUMP-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 6x6 DUMP-mini.png
    257.2 KB · Views: 708
  • Ford CF8000 8x8 TWINSTEER EMPTY FRAME-mini.png
    Ford CF8000 8x8 TWINSTEER EMPTY FRAME-mini.png
    237.4 KB · Views: 795
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best ford truck
Very nice and detailed mod. I would definitely recommend it! I also managed to get some sick drifts with it ;)
O caminhao fica preto sem pintura! Porque será?
very cool, been waiting a long time for this. very worth the wait!