1. Guppey-NL

    Looking for trailer

    I am looking for the TN L2 trailer, as shown in this pic (by Fili86RaceFace). Anyone knows where I can find it and (even better!) where I can download it? Thanks!
  2. N

    Ford Cargo CF8000 2022-06-19

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) Thanks to Mike for doing the mini images and everyone else that helped. CTRL-T for command list The 6x6 dump and 8x8 are set to the rear wheels drive on spawn, you can enable AWD by CTRL-W, and just W will run you through the...
  3. B

    Iveco truck with Palfinger crane 1.0

    Required RoR or newer Descrpition: It,s Iveco Stralis with Palfinger crane pk165002 include jib and winch. The crane can reach 31 meter . Lift capacity: booms fully out 1600kg close to the crane 32ton Manual: The crane can automatic fold/unfold Fold: press short shift+F1...
  4. N

    Outdated International 4400 10/20/2019

    International 4400 Series At long last these trucks have been updated to load and run correctly in the latest versions, all drivetrain and texture problems have been repaired! Also included DarthCain's updated dump truck model. Trucks & Trailers Included Flatbed w/ Palfinger Flatbed Dump Truck...
  5. N

    Low Cab Forward Trucks 11/8/2022

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) Thanks to those who contributed There is an empty frame for your modding needs. SHIFT-F2 to lock the back door of the dump truck before you depart SHIFT-F1-to unlock he back door PROPERTY OF ROR
  6. Uploaded from Archives

    2009 Chevrolet Kodiak 3/20/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.