1. Uploaded from Archives

    DEMAG ZKKE 4/16/2019

    Required for Train Valley to function correctly, don't spawn these from the menu.
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr LTC 1045 4/16/2019

    Press CTRL+T to view a list of commands.
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr 630-EC-H 4/16/2019

    Press CTRL+T to view a list of commands.
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    MAN TGX with Crane 4/6/2019

    Press CTRL+T for a list of commands.
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    MAN TGS Crane Truck 4/6/2019

    Press ALT+L to detach the hook before using and CTRL+T for a list of commands.
  6. N

    LinkBelt HC278 3/29/2019

    Setup video: Made for the latest Rigs of Rods version. You do not have permission to use any meshes from this for other games.
  7. Uploaded from Archives

    Scania R560 with crane 3/20/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  8. Uploaded from Archives

    Kone goliath crane 3/20/2019

    Kone goliath crane Functions : -divers camera functions -turnable seat and suspension -lift beam with variable cables VERY IMPORTANT: Before use of the crane press CTRL+F3 (small cat) or CTRL+F4 (big cat) for choosing which cat you will connect with the camera. Also included a modified...
  9. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC500 improved 1.3

    This is a retextured version of gamer18's AC500. All credit goes to him with exception of the textures which were done by me. The counterweight lift has also been fixed so it does not explode on spawn.
  10. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr 13HM 2019-02-26

    File uploaded from archives. Features - Detailed meshes - Accurate kinematics - Realistic lifting capacity (refer to the board on the crane!) Instructions Start the engine and...