1. CuriousMike

    AinTech FLK-1500 Skin Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of 39 company skins for the AinTech FLK-1500, made by Rotexx. It has been updated to work with recent RoR versions. Please note that the teleboom version, jibs, and trailer superlift counterweights are not supported by this skin pack.
  2. istrice92

    Volvo effer 2655 with jibs

    Good evening everyone, I'm desperately looking for the Volvo mod with the built-in crane of the Effer 2655 with relative arms to extend everything up to 63 meters. the old repositories don't work, if by chance anyone has this mod let me know I'm desperately looking
  3. N

    Mack Granite truck pack 1.0.1

    The original Mack Granite truck pack, by @negativeice. Fanotech Rear Loader version can be downloaded here. Press CTRL+T to view all commands. PDN zip includes files for skinning the truck and bins. Loads include: Pipes Window holder I-beams Sand bag Tank Gas tanks Crate Credits...
  4. H

    Steelplate pack 1.1

    Steelplate pack for cranes and trucks. The pack includes woodmats, 2 ton steelplate and 8 ton steelplate.
  5. H

    Woodmats 1.0

    Woodmats for cranes, trucks etc.
  6. kbenionste

    tracked vehicles do not work

    they work perfectly but dont move or drive but i can still use functions and all that.
  7. Uploaded from Archives

    AinTech FLK-1500 1.1

    Pack now includes 2 teleboom versions and a build-able jib. This is the FLK-1500, a strong crawler crane and designed by AIN_002. The crane is not mapped but you can still skin some parts and change colors of meshes. Uploading your own skin is allowed but please upload it as a skinzip...
  8. Uploaded from Archives

    Sennebogen 5500 Starlifter 2021-11-19

    Sennebogen 5500-1 Starlifter crawler crane 180 tons This crane has the following versions: 24,3m main boom 35,5m main boom 46,7m main boom 57,9m main boom 69,1m main boom 24,3m main boom and 24,3m jib 24,3m main boom and 35,5m jib 24,3m main boom and 46,7m jib 35,5m main boom and 24,3m jib...
  9. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC1000 improved 2020-10-28

    I have added AO bake and proper textures to the AC1000. PDNs for skins are in the zip. All credit for the original crane goes to AIN_002 and Craneman.
  10. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC200-1 improved. 2020-10-26

    I have AO baked and added proper texturing to the AC200. All credit to AIN_002 and Craneman for the original crane. I just redid the textures. I have approval from AIN_002 to release this.
  11. N

    Ford Cargo CF8000 2022-06-19

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) Thanks to Mike for doing the mini images and everyone else that helped. CTRL-T for command list The 6x6 dump and 8x8 are set to the rear wheels drive on spawn, you can enable AWD by CTRL-W, and just W will run you through the...
  12. B

    Iveco truck with Palfinger crane 1.0

    Required RoR or newer Descrpition: It,s Iveco Stralis with Palfinger crane pk165002 include jib and winch. The crane can reach 31 meter . Lift capacity: booms fully out 1600kg close to the crane 32ton Manual: The crane can automatic fold/unfold Fold: press short shift+F1...
  13. Uploaded from Archives

    Volvo FMX 8x6 with Effer 1355 1/18/2020

    Controls: Truck: f9/f10 suspension-up/down f1/f2+alt cabin up/down Crane: f1/f2 rotation crane f3/f4 main boom up/down f5/f6 second boom up/down f7/f8 booms in/out f9/f10 boom turning hook Legs: ctr+f1/f2 legs turning down ctr+f3/f4 front leg-turning-outside ctr+f5/f6 legs left in/ out...
  14. N

    Outdated International 4400 10/20/2019

    International 4400 Series At long last these trucks have been updated to load and run correctly in the latest versions, all drivetrain and texture problems have been repaired! Also included DarthCain's updated dump truck model. Trucks & Trailers Included Flatbed w/ Palfinger Flatbed Dump Truck...
  15. Uploaded from Archives

    Volvo FMX Erkin ER-450000 1.2

    Lift capacity 3m -150 ton 23m -13 ton straight in the height ,all booms out 33 ton Placing the counterweight: Spawn the hook here: COMMANDS: CRANE: f1/f2 rotation crane f3/f4 main boom up/down f5/f6 second boom up/down f7/f8 booms in/out f9/f10 boom turning hook HOOK/LIFTFRAME: f9/f10...
  16. Uploaded from Archives

    Volvo FMX 10/5/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  17. N

    Kenworth T880 2

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) Inspiration for this truck came from Sergei Dratchev Thanks to all that helped and assisted in testing. press CTRL+T to see command list Flatbeds are compatible with the skids and loads using Poli system. Some empty...
  18. Uploaded from Archives

    DEMAG ZKKE 4/16/2019

    Required for Train Valley to function correctly, don't spawn these from the menu.
  19. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr LTC 1045 4/16/2019

    Press CTRL+T to view a list of commands.
  20. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr 630-EC-H 1.01

    Press CTRL+T to view a list of commands.