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Sennebogen 5500-1 Starlifter crawler crane 180 tons

This crane has the following versions:
  • 24,3m main boom
  • 35,5m main boom
  • 46,7m main boom
  • 57,9m main boom
  • 69,1m main boom
  • 24,3m main boom and 24,3m jib
  • 24,3m main boom and 35,5m jib
  • 24,3m main boom and 46,7m jib
  • 35,5m main boom and 24,3m jib
  • 35,5m main boom and 35,5m jib
  • 35,5m main boom and 46,7m jib
  • 46,7m main boom and 47,7m jib

  • F1/F2 - Rotate
  • F3/F4 - Boom Up/Down
  • F5/F6 - Hook Up/Down
  • F7/F8 - Jib Up/Down
  • F9 /F10 - Left Track Forward/Backward
  • F11/F12 - Right Track Forward/Backward
  • ALT + F1/F2 - Cablift Up/Down
  • ALT + F3/F4 - Cab Up/Down

Credits or help:
  • Lenni - helping with the tracks
  • Cranedriver - some mesh parts
  • gamer18 - n/b and mesh
  • DarthCain - small updates
Have fun with it.

- gamer18, 2011

GUID for skinning: e84bb989-bf00-454f-9683-93c2c4993974

New as of 11.16.2021
  • Fixed material on small crane to work with skins
  • Fixed crane to not cause CTD when spawned

New as of 11.19.2021
  • Fixed expanded metal texture by cab to be transparent
gamer18, Lenni, cranedriver
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