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    Manitou MLT 731 8/5/2020

    It's my (Voulk) second vehicle for RoR and Marlou third. We both worked on the beam chassis and then I made the mesh (except tire and bucket, those are from Marlou) and I took the lead to finish it. Update 8/5/2020 by CuriousMike: Re-updated based on '2.0 beta' from original forum thread...
  2. N

    Bobcat S770 & CAT 262D 4/23/2020

    Credits to Mike for the mini images, DarthCain for fixing the bale mesh/texture, and anyone else involved. CTRL+T to view commands of attachments Line up the bale spikes in the center of the bale and hit the lock button. To use the backhoe, enter it and rev up and hit space-bar to lock the...
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    MAN TGS Crane Truck 4/6/2019

    Press ALT+L to detach the hook before using and CTRL+T for a list of commands.
  4. N

    Outdated LinkBelt HC278 3/29/2019

    Setup video: Made for the latest Rigs of Rods version. You do not have permission to use any meshes from this for other games.
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    Manitou MRT 1850 12/4/2019

    Press CTRL+T for a list of commands. SHIFT+F9/F10 locks the pallet to the forks. You do not have permission to use any meshes from this for other games.
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    Reachstacker HRS-50 3/20/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
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    Kalmar CSC340 Straddle Carrier 3/20/2019

    Controls: F1/F2 - Hoist Up/Down F3/F4 - Spreader In/Out F5/F6 - Lock/Unlock container
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    Kalmar Ottawa 4x2 Terminal Tractor 3/20/2019

    Controls: SHIFT+F7/F8 - Lift 5th wheel up/down SHIFT+F9/F10 - Open side door SHIFT+F11/F12 - Slide back door L - Lock trailer to hitch (standard)
  9. Austin

    Beta 15' Auto Salvage Forks for Liebherr L556 Loader 0.1

    Compatible with the Liebherr L556 Wheel Loader by NegativeIce