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Ain_002, Craneman, Lenni, Léon, Rotexx, Sputnik_1
Pack now includes 2 teleboom versions and a build-able jib.


This is the FLK-1500, a strong crawler crane and designed by AIN_002. The crane is not mapped but you can still skin some parts and change colors of meshes. Uploading your own skin is allowed but please upload it as a skinzip.

  • F1/2 - Rotating the crane
  • F9/10/11/12 - Moving the tracks

You can view the rest of the commands in the T-screen

This pack includes 8 cranes
  • FLK-1500 with 108m boom
  • FLK-1500 with 108m P-boom
  • FLK-1500 with 58m boom
  • FLK-1500-NT with 108m boom
  • FLK-1500-NT with 108m P-boom
  • FLK-1500-NT with 58m boom
  • FLK-1500 telescopic boom
  • FLK-1500 telescopic boom without derrick

There might be coming more version of this crane like something with a jib but that will be a matter of time.

This zip also includes counterweight for the crane, which can simply be locked to the back of counterweight-arm with L!

Oh and before more people start crying about this: The counterweight can't be lifted off the ground when there is no heavy load in the hook! (which is logical and real!).


  • AIN_002 - Started the project/modeled the crane
  • Rotexx - sounds, idea for telescopic boom + jib, telescopic boom mesh
  • Craneman - Finished the whole project
  • Sputnik_1 - Tuning and helping with the CW trailer
  • Lenni - Node&beam for the telescopic boom
  • Léon - Telescopic boom mesh details
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  1. 1.1

    Added GUIDs to jibs and counterweights. The non-trailer counterweights support the skin pack.