lattice boom crane

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    AinTech FLK-1500 1.1

    Pack now includes 2 teleboom versions and a build-able jib. This is the FLK-1500, a strong crawler crane and designed by AIN_002. The crane is not mapped but you can still skin some parts and change colors of meshes. Uploading your own skin is allowed but please upload it as a skinzip...
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    Sennebogen 5500 Starlifter 2021-11-19

    Sennebogen 5500-1 Starlifter crawler crane 180 tons This crane has the following versions: 24,3m main boom 35,5m main boom 46,7m main boom 57,9m main boom 69,1m main boom 24,3m main boom and 24,3m jib 24,3m main boom and 35,5m jib 24,3m main boom and 46,7m jib 35,5m main boom and 24,3m jib...
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    Outdated LinkBelt HC278 3/29/2019

    Setup video: Made for the latest Rigs of Rods version. You do not have permission to use any meshes from this for other games. PROPERTY OF ROR