Kenworth T880

Kenworth T880 2

No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?)

Inspiration for this truck came from Sergei Dratchev

Thanks to all that helped and assisted in testing.

press CTRL+T to see command list

Flatbeds are compatible with the skids and loads using Poli system.

Some empty frames for your modding needs.

CTRL-1 to turn on roof lights.
CTRL-1-4 for wrecker lights.
ALT-F1-F2-Raise/lower hood
ALT-L to unlock the forks from the truck, get them close enough and it will auto lock back.

Credits to @DarthCain for the textures for the IMT Crane.
Credits to @PenguinvilleRescue1 for fixing sounds and mini images ingame.
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More files from negativeice

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  1. Traction control

    Added traction control to all trucks so you cant spin out in manual and rpm drops are a lil...

Latest reviews

even the semi looks exactly like sergei huh i be dang it would be nice to have a skin made up to look like his on his truck
great mod reminds me of my american truck simulator days
bit of lag but very good :)
Awesome build!