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4.7 Magnum Soundpack

4.7 Magnum Soundpack 4.7

I recently made the decision to leave RoR for the most part, so I decided to upload the final version of the Magnum Soundpack.

Changes Include:
Totally Redone Starter sound: No longer sounds like a crappy loop, is actually a real looping starter sound from my Dodge.
This part annoyed me for the most long time, As it didn't sound realistic, nor sound true to a real Dodge starter. Now it does.
Updated the horn to be much more clear, Updated the Ignition to play through all the chimes before it stops, Redid the starter sound to be clearer.
Planned: Remaster the RPM's, And make it go to 6K.
Stupidly uploaded a different soundpack!
Uploaded a pack that WAS NOT MINE.
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