4.7 Magnum Soundpack

4.7 Magnum Soundpack 4.7


Jan 30, 2021
Forge submitted a new resource:

4.7 Magnum Soundpack - Sounds from the Dodge 4.7 Magnum Engine!

These sounds are from a 2nd Generation Dodge Dakota with a 4.7L Magnum/Powertech V8, Pushing 235 HP And 295 lb⋅ft of torque. These Engines were chain driven, SOHC V8's, With a Cast iron block.
It was available with a 4/5 Speed Automatic Transmission (45RFE/545RFE), And a 5 Speed Manual Transmission.
I recommend using this with Box5's Dodge RAM, As its the best fit for this engine's sounds.

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I'm terrible at modding :cautious:. What lines do I insert into the truck file?
So, For my example I used the BoxDodgeRam, Ill show you the important parts of the truck file.
I recommend setting the .soundscript file's name to BoxDodgeCummins.
Just make sure your Truck File looks like this, And bam!
Enjoy :D :)
So, Future Plans for this pack.
It will be renamed to "Late 2nd Gen Dakota Soundpack", Due to all the chimes n' turn signals n shit. (This will also be done to the J35 Pack)
I'm currently in the process of getting better engine sounds.
Keep an eye out.
Forge updated 4.7 Magnum Soundpack with a new update entry:

Final Version: Version 4.7

I recently made the decision to leave RoR for the most part, so I decided to upload the final version of the Magnum Soundpack.
Changes Include:
Totally Redone Starter sound: No longer sounds like a crappy loop, is actually a real looping starter sound from my Dodge.
This part annoyed me for the most long time, As it didn't sound realistic, nor sound true to a real Dodge starter. Now it does.

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