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Arizona Green Tea for Coronado SD & Volvo VNL

Arizona Green Tea for Coronado SD & Volvo VNL 1.2 (22 May 2019)

These skins require negativeice's Coronado SD/122SD truck pack and VNL semi to work fully. Get the Coronados here and the VNL here.
If you're not using version 2020.01 or higher, you will not be able to receive support!
Currently a work in progress, but I decided to release it. Expect updates soon!
Green sleeperTeal sleeperGreen wreckerTeal wreckerGreen dump truckTeal dump truckscreenshot_2019-05-20_19-22-02_1.pngscreenshot_2019-05-20_19-21-21_1.png
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Latest updates

  1. UPDATE 1.2

    WHAT'S CHANGED? + Fixed green wrecker texture + NEW Volvo VNL skin!
  2. UPDATE 1.1

    WHAT'S CHANGED? + Dump truck beds are affected by these skins. + Preview textures

Latest reviews

Nice skin, man. These skin really fits the truck
WOW didnt expected you to make skins for vnl too thanks bro but could you do the skin for lennis man or for negs mercedes i would appreciate that.