1. Asphaltum

    WIP - Beta Released Polish RedSuns skin for BMW E36

    Credits to @VerkaN for making this masterpiece, I just fixed some small things.
  2. VerkaN

    Beta Burnside face-lift skins 1.03

    A pack of skins for burnside featuring: -new looking front and rear -new custom colors -new look for interior -2 special versions (deluxe and beater version) instalation: -place the file in the mods folder If there are any problems with the skin contact me on forum. credits to gabester for...
  3. Chris24

    Released NeoQueretaro Public School District Bus 12-38 (Graysonk95's HDX skinned)

    This is a skinned version of Grayson's HDX, it is skinned for NeoQueretaro and is my first public skinning project so please don't criticize me too much.
  4. VerkaN

    On Hold Burnside face-lift skins

    Hello everyone I want to present you my skins. At the moment there is one variant with changed:front fascia and rear lights and a burnside ornament on the bootlid. the skin comes in 5 colors. credits: Gabester [vehicle] VerkaN(me)-skin planned things: -2 more models with diffrent trims -more...
  5. massa

    BMW E36 Colors

    massa submitted a new resource: BMW E36 Colors - BMW E36 color pack Read more about this resource...
  6. massa

    BMW E36 Colors 1.0

    It is various colors of BMW E36 which there was not for some reason until now. Kind is ·red ・Blue ·green ·White ·gray ·black is. I'm releasing this here.
  7. CuriousMike

    Colors for Gavril MZ2 2.01

    This is a pack of colors for the Gavril MZ2. It contains the other colors found in the zip plus eleven extra colors from Lamborghini. Interior color options: Make sure to download the updated MZ2 first! It adds a GUID, which is required for skins. Installation: Place the skinzip into the...
  8. Forge

    Golden Services Skin 1.0

    It may be very basic, as its just the logo slapped on the doors (That's how it is IRL). But its my first ever skin! Golden Services is a moving company that I know pretty well. Their fleet consists of Freightliners, so I gave the FLA and the FLD this skin!
  9. Igor pegoraro321

    Escort and Traffic Control Skins for BMW E36 Polizei V1.5

    My first skins for the BMW E36 Polizei. Very simple, but I think they're cool.
  10. iburing

    Toei bus Livery for the Fenton11 1.0

    Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of Toei bus Livery. That is The most famous bus in Japan. Do have fun with them.
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    MAN F2000 Skins from Archives 1.0

    Old skins for the F2000 compiled into a skinzip. Skins by Author: NATAN123 FedEx Express Fili86RaceFace Planet Express Slurm (Futurama) Siculamente
  12. Uploaded from Archives

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express This is a skin for the M/V Nordia Express ferry that gives it a livery from the well-know Finnish cruiseferry company, Silja Line. It was originally made and released as an entire reskinned boat by Nikes1234; I (@Xploder98) converted it to a skin file...

    Beta Slavic Russian skin for the BMW E36 2.0

    I made a short video showcasing version 1.0 of this mod, Sorry for the bad video quality here... Just download the skinzip and paste it in your mods folder. This skin does not cause issues with other skins/skinpacks for the E36. If there's any issues, Let me know in the comments, I'll try to...
  14. TheDude53

    Updated Rigs of Rods skin for the Hughes 500D-RoR 1.0

    An updated Rigs of Rods skin for the Hughes 500D. Frequently Asked Questions Can I use this in media? Go ahead! Feel free to send me a link to the final product. Can I modify this? DM me and let's talk first.
  15. sievert

    Rigs of Rods Transit Commission Liveries for the Fenton 11 1.0

    A couple of skins for Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of a fictional transit company known as the Rigs of Rods Transit Commission (RTC). I just decided to make these out of nowhere. Firstly, there's this one, the standard livery. It is inspired by the Toronto Transit Commission's current bus livery. Not...
  16. sievert

    Famous Rally Liveries for the DI Sportster 390C

    So I recently found that without the keyboard steering speed coupling, the DI Sportster suddenly became a really nice rally car to drive. That gave me an idea. The included liveries were nice and all, but I wanted a real-life livery on the car. So I got to work and came up with a couple of rally...
  17. sievert

    Fictional Rally Liveries for the Gavril G2X

    Title says it all. These are (for now) a couple of fictional rally liveries for, well, any trim of the Gavril G2. I just chose the G2X because it's the most appropriate of the trims. I will create more of these liveries in the future. Here's the liveries on my rally-spec G2S, the G2SR...
  18. Careful_Driver

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack N-1.0

    This skin pack adds more than 100 skins to the Boeing 767 by Box5. Featured skins: - Most major current or past operators of the 767, like United, Delta, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and more! - Many non-operators like Ryanair, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia...
  19. sievert

    Purolator Skin for the Dura-Built 96T Trailer 2020-03-12

    This is my first skin for a mod in RoR. A Purolator skin for the Dura-Built 96T!
  20. CuriousMike

    Original Colors for Chevy S10 1.1

    This is a pack of colors from previous versions of the S10, available for all variants: Make sure to download the updated S10 first! It adds a GUID, which is required for skins. Installation: Place the skinzip into the mods folder, just like anything else.