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Slavic Russian skin for the BMW E36

Beta Slavic Russian skin for the BMW E36 2.0


I made a short video showcasing version 1.0 of this mod, Sorry for the bad video quality here...

Just download the skinzip and paste it in your mods folder. This skin does not cause issues with other skins/skinpacks for the E36.

If there's any issues, Let me know in the comments, I'll try to fix them later.

Be sure to add this GUID to the BMW's .truck file:-

What's new in v2.0?

# Fixed an issue where I accidentally got rid of the Shadow textures on the mod.
# Used the PDN for this car uploaded by DarthCain and I didn't modify the Ambient Occlusion layer this time.
# Black has been replaced with a very dark grey.
# Stripes are a little bigger.
# Screenshots updated.

Thanks for 100+ downloads :)
Comment if you find any issues.
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