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4.50 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 12/9/2019 Hotfix

    Fixed wrong texture on Rally steering wheel
  2. 12/9/2019

    Fixed all parser and texture issues Fixed DTM stability Added missing "hillclimber" version

Latest reviews

I really like the RS4!
Rally version has glitched sound, and it's very, very annoying :(

What happens is, someone will be miles away from you, and whenever their engine revs go below 3k, you'll hear them as if they were right next to you, until the engine revs go up, and the car shifts up and it happens over and over again. I tested this will all the cars and only the Rally version has this problem.
Nice mod, thanks for creating this! Would you make the wagon version? Thanks again! :D
The rally version has audio that are not mono.
Other than that, it's cool.
Very good mod! Not perfect but the cars drive excellently. Very fun aswell! I love this!
I love those cars. Jalkku, you're the best!