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Beta Blender RoR Truck Exporter 0.21

I reworked my blender2ror truck exporter. I tested it the past days with Blender 2.91. I had found a bug in the previous version, which, in some cases, messed up the node-ids, so sometimes the node-beam structure was not exported correct. I think i solved this problem.

My exporter generates a new truckfile, without the need of using a blank one. It exports nodes beams and faces. It can mark faces as byoancy, and/or contactable faces .

Because I do not have a Windows-based-PC, i tested it just on my Linux system. Feel free to report any error you are getting with my plugin. Maybe i can solve it.

I would like to add the submesh feature next, to be able to throw a textured NB-Structure into the Game, but i am not sure if I can get it done.
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