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Beta Blender RoR Truck Exporter 0.21

updated my blender truck exporter to work with blender linux version 2.90 and above. Removed function to calculate load values for the nodes, because there is no practical benefit for these function, but you got lots of work to remove these entrys if nessesary - for the admin: how do i replace the plugin download-file with the ew updated one?


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this is a "big" Update. I solved many problems and added some nice features. Even though it is not a bug-free release Version yet, you should give it a try.

I reworked the formatting of the generated truck-file, so it looks much cleaner.

You can, but you also have to, specify which scene object you want to be exported as truck-file simply by renaming that mesh in "truck" So you can have all models (the probs and the N/B-structure) in one .blend file. That way you can develop the truck-structure right with your prob meshes as guidelines.

you can hide the edges in edit-mode, change to object-Mode in Blender, export into truckfile and the hidden edges will be hidden beams in the game. Nice, not to have to add the ", i" option to each and every beam line in the truckfile, this will save you a lot of time.

You can layout hydro and shock beams in Blender. Mark the edges in blender with "mark Sharp", those edges become hydro beams in RoR, mark the edges, you want to get as shocks with "Mark Freestyle Edge" and these will be added as shocks in the truck-file.

Add a Camera to your Scene, name it "truckcam" and its position(related to the position of your truck-structure) will be added as x,y,z values in the cinecam section in the truckfile, so you don´t have to research the best onboard-camera position in RoR by hand.

if you got an uv-map and a texture applied to your modell, the exporter will generate the texture coordinates (submesh - texcoords). they seem to be wrong, but i cant figure out at the moment what the problem is, but i will try it further on. Just there are other things to add / make better, which are more important, so i put the texturing aside for now.

At least one advice to avoid exporter errors: click your n/b-model in Blender, so that its activated, before going to export to truck-file. Sometimes, when nothing is selected and the mouse hovers above the wrong viewport in Blender, my exporting-routines throw an python error. This is the next thing on my todos list :-D


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