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Country flag skin pack for 30x50 crane flag

Country flag skin pack for 30x50 crane flag V1.0

Careful_Driver (JulianOxford)
This mod adds the flags of all countries in the world as well as a few microstates, autonomous regions and oversea territories to Austin's 30x50 crane flag.
Please make sure to download Austin's 30x50 crane flag, as this mod is only an addon and will not work without the main mod:
If you think any flags are missing or you find a bug in the mod, contact me in the discussion tab.

DISCLAIMER: I know that there is dispute on whether some of the included regions, microstates and countries are actual countries or not. This mod is NOT supposed to show my own opinion on these movements or be for or against any of these. When making the mod, I stayed politically neutral as far as I could about these disputes. No flags will be removed from the mod because of these political disparities.

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Rigs of Rods version 2021.02 14.02.2021 16_45_28.png
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