Greenfield International Airport

Beta Greenfield International Airport 0.4.1 Hotfix

This Map features a big airport with currently 3 useable runways, including the longest runway in Rigs of Rods at around 4500 meters. Also featured are a monorail track between the 2 terminals, a lot of parking lots and multiple highways.
Please keep in mind that this map is under active development and may contain major bugs and other issues. Also, some of the images below have been taken at an earlier point of construction and may not represent the current state of development.

View of the Airport as it is at the moment:
Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 14.03.2020 14_37_27.png

Other pictures
Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 19.02.2020 14_57_32.png Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 13.03.2020 17_37_05.png Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 22.02.2020 23_21_04.png Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 19.02.2020 19_39_01.png
Careful_Driver (JulianOxford): Map; CuriousMike: Hotfix; donoteat, kitteh, lepes, Klink: Models, Basic Map
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