1. Careful_Driver

    Beta Greenfield International Airport 0.4.1 Hotfix

    This Map features a big airport with currently 3 useable runways, including the longest runway in Rigs of Rods at around 4500 meters. Also featured are a monorail track between the 2 terminals, a lot of parking lots and multiple highways. Please keep in mind that this map is under active...
  2. Zephyr

    WIP - Beta Released Boeing 777-300ER

    Hey guys, I've been making a Boeing 777 since last week. It will feature alot of things so it might take some time to be released. @Max98 is making the n/b and he's trying to make it realistic as possible. @Careful_Driver and I will provide all 777 operator skins. Here are some pics:
  3. Careful_Driver

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack N-1.0

    This skin pack adds more than 100 skins to the Boeing 767 by Box5. Featured skins: - Most major current or past operators of the 767, like United, Delta, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and more! - Many non-operators like Ryanair, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia...
  4. AgentV12

    Outdated Boeing 767 Skin Pack 1.5

    A compilation of all of the 767 skins I could find, along with some of my own. Note: The liveries are broken right now and will not properly work on the newest version of the 767. To do: -Properly credit authors to appropriate skins -Make more skins :)
  5. CuriousMike

    Boeing 767 6/28/2019 Hotfix

    Box5's 767, updated for 0.4.8RC4+