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Boeing 767 Skin Pack

Outdated Boeing 767 Skin Pack 1.5

A compilation of all of the 767 skins I could find, along with some of my own.
Note: The liveries are broken right now and will not properly work on the newest version of the 767.



To do:
-Properly credit authors to appropriate skins
-Make more skins :)
AgentV12, ikid, Careful_Driver, Box5Diesel, Tomato0, Various
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First release
Last update
3.75 star(s) 4 ratings

More files from AgentV12

Latest updates

  1. New + Updated Skins V2

    Enjoy 9 more hand crafted liveries for all your flying needs. All of my skins now have complete...
  2. New + Updated Skins

    Most skins now have a more accurate window layout. Latest skins by Careful_Driver are included...

Latest reviews

wth fix the one side skin bug. ya an't impressive. try harder lmao but that "quality" seems to not exist, it's so severe that it even cuts half of the plane on some liveries. plz fix
It's a painstaking process duplicating and flipping each and every item on every skin, and homework/ technical difficulties are not making it any easier. I'm almost done with mirroring the liveries. In the meantime, I'd recommend for now you download a past version of the 767 and use that with the skins. It will have the mirrored side, but it's better than half the plane not having a skin.
Besides, what skins is your own?
so many skins!, i'd like to suggest post-merger United, Boeing old House livery, and spirit of Delta
I wanted to give it a higher rating (this version) but I wish the right side of the aircraft's liveries weren't mirrored.
Thanks to the newly updated 767, I am currently editing every skin to have a properly oriented right side texture.