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Cushman Industrial Truck

Cushman Industrial Truck 1.1

Racer159 (original everything), AgentV12 (Application of PoLi's Lockgroup system)
This file has been uploaded to the repository, but there is more information.

From the original repository description:
This is a Cushman Industrial Vehicle similar to the Titan series. This is my first truck (besides the tutorial), so please give feedback. It has a custom dash, custom sounds, and is fully sub-meshed. I also tuned the engine best I could to mimic an electric motor, and it is only about 100 kilos away from the real vehicle weight. Mods are welcome, and encouraged, just remember to give credit. Enjoy!

This is the original Cushman HD by Racer159. All I did was slap PoLi's locking system onto the bed of this thing. At some point I may give it mesh wheels, but for now, what you see is what you get.

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